Monday, October 14, 2013

Privacy Policy for Download Mp3 Music App

Download Copyleft Mp3 Music App Privacy Policy

Your security and privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We do not
store any personal information in the app. However, our third party
Advertising Partners may collect information using cookies.

By using the Download Copyleft Mp3 Music App, you agree to only use
the app to search and download copyleft and Creative Commons license
files only.

Download Copyleft Mp3 Music App is a public search engine app which
facilitates download of copyleft and creative commons mp3 files found
publicly on the internet.

If you wish to protect your copyrights, Please send a DMCA request to and we can remove specific searches from our app.

Please note that our App only searches through 3 publicly available
websites on the internet, mainly, and ("Sources"). The Download Copyleft Mp3 Music App app
shows Source Mp3 URL under each search results, Please include this
URL (if possible) while sending your DMCA request. Alternatively, you
may like to use it to serve a DMCA request directly to the website in

Download Copyleft Mp3 Music App is not related to or endorsed by the
above websites ("Sources"). For all DMCA request, please mention the
copyright claim (name of the song, artist and link to the material in